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Cusco, Peru

Sacred valley tour

Sacred valley tour is a spectacular experience,  that will take you to discover Inca archaeological sites along the sacred valley of the incas and spectacular landscapes that exists in the world, this is a full day tour, guided by one of our professional tour guides.


This archaeological site has the shape of a condor that can still be seen from a viewpoint where we usually stop to see it.

A natural mountain  adopts this particular figure,  with a litle work of Incas the figure of a condor is better in Pisaq, a lot of mystery and enigma will be surprising for you,  gigantic farming areas, Inca terraces, that show the greatest advance and agricultural domain.


A  perfect place to have lunch by 13:00.  hours we will show you different restaurants and you choose your best option.


The town is known as the living Inca city, the archaeological center takes the shape of a lama, awesome place,

where are beautiful temples dedicated to different Inca gods as the great temple of the sun where you’ll see giant rocks in the construction.

The temple of the 10 windows, but the most outstanding are the beautiful water fountains that decorate the place in a formidable way.


The smallest of the archaeological sites along the sacred valley of the Incas, our last place to visit in our tour, it causes admiration the custom and to wear traditional clothes, it is still appreciable

Cute archaeological center and a town where we stop and we visit a traditional local market

Departure/Return location Hotel 
Departure/Return time 7:45 to 18:30 hours


Professional tour guide Entrance fee to all  places to visit like.
Private tourist transportation Partial tourist tickets for secred valley
Unlimited mineral water First aid kit
A stop in a local market Oxygen
Pick up from your hotel A cusqueña beer are you ready for….. it.


Food Tips


Extra money especially in soles Original Passports
Raincoats in rainy season Small backpack to carry staff
Comfortable shoes Hats or cap for sun
Solar Blockers Personal medication if it is necessary
warm an light clothes A cusqueña beer are you ready for  it.

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Day 1: Departure

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Day 2

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Day 3

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Day 4

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Day 5

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Day 6

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Day 7

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Day 8

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Day 9

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Day 10: Return

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Leave us your Comments

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